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      Spiral Jewelry & Artisery firmly believes that quality begins with using the best materials and this begins with our metals and stones! Spiral uses Sterling Silver, gold or rose gold vermeil in every piece. These metals are suitable for even the most sensitive skins and with proper care will maintain their beauty for a lifetime! 

      Silver is soft and is often mixed with other metals, usually copper, to create a stronger metal. Sterling silver is 92.5% silver and is the standard for high quality silver in jewelry and a variety of other uses. 

      Spiral Jewelry & Artisery uses 14K gold and rose gold in our Wearable Art Collection. All other collections use gold or rose gold vermeil (pronounced "ver-may" - it's french!). Vermeil is a high quality, lower priced option for gold and rose gold jewelry and can be distinguished from gold plating or gold fill by always having a sterling silver base, using 10k or greater, and a thicker coating of gold than other options. 


      Spiral Jewelry & Artisery uses a variety of beautiful semi-precious stones in our jewelry. Spiral's owner, Jenny Cherney, is a geologist. Jenny handpicks all the stones that are used in our jewelry and loves the beautiful and unusual stones that you can find in these artisan pieces.